Sue has edited, reformatted, created covers, designed the interiors, and helped me publish four books over the last few months on Createspace and Kindle. This was no easy task, but she never complained, was always cheerful and upbeat, and accomplished work quickly and with quality and excellence.

A word that leaps out about Sue is honorable. Her word is her bond. If she says she will do something, you can be assured that’s exactly what will happen. She is vastly knowledgeable about computers, the internet, editing, and software for book publishing. She is fast, works well with schedules, is detail oriented, and precise.

I don’t know what I would have done without her. She is my book angel. We are working together on yet another of my books, a 2nd edition, and I hope to hire her for several more books in the near future. I cannot praise Sue enough.

—Lauren O. Thyme, author, LaurenOThymeCreations.com


My book, Holy Trinity: Maiden, Mother, Crone, could not exist without Sue Stein. Simple as that. Sue is much more than a book designer. She coached me, recommended publishing options, did perfect edits, data checked, uploaded, and carried through every tight passage. The publishing world is too complicated for novices like me, but I thought I couldn’t afford help. Sue earns every penny! As for the book design, just look at my cover, and check out what she did to create the back of the book. It’s genius. You do need Sue Stein.

—Tess Galati, author, Holy Trinity: Maiden, Mother, Crone


Sue Stein deserves so much more praise than what I could include in the acknowledgments to those who helped make the publication of my book, Living with the Unexplained, possible. It reads: Sue Stein – Book Designer, for her creativity, positivity, and knowledge of all things book (and publishing) related.

I was blessed to have discovered Sue through a series of coincidences that led me to Sandra Bartel, also a first book writer, which then led me to Sue. I emailed my unedited text to Sue without even contacting her first. I knew that she was the one I needed to lead me through the publishing process. She called me the next day leaving an encouraging message. I called her back and thus began a wonderful team effort to make my book the best it could be.

Sue’s cover design has brought many positive comments from readers: “beautiful, stunning, perfect…” The interior design has also impressed. Sue has an innate ability to sense what a writer needs. For me, at age 81 and a tech-illiterate, she was heaven-sent.

Did I mention that Sue is beyond kind and considerate? As busy as I knew she was with other clients, she always responded quickly to my questions and requests.

Sue Stein’s ability to create a quality book at a reasonable cost made her the perfect choice for me and should for you.

—Bonnie Powell Buchman, author of Living With the Unexplained


Sue Stein converted my print book, Living in the Wake of Addiction: Lessons for Courageous Caregiving to an eBook format. The conversion process was complicated by quotes that were inserted in the text in the printed book. But, Sue was patient and figured out the correct way to work with them and still please me with the final conversion product. Not an easy task!  Sue was patient and very responsive to my personal ideas of how I wanted the conversion to look. She handled any questions and concerns in a prompt, business-like manner and maintained a great sense of humor which is always important to me when I work with someone.

—Gloria Englund, author, recoveringu.com


With the help and guidance of Sue Stein, at the age of 70, I self-published my first book on Amazon. I’m not computer savvy and know enough to do emails and use Word. Sue Stein guided me every step of the way to getting the following, all online, which gave me self-publishing rights and ownership of my book:

  1. Copyright
  2. ISBN
  3. Library of Congress Number

Sue’s creativity showed in her design of the book cover and interior layout, which included installation of my paintings. I was delighted with her timely and detailed responses to my emails for help. She always knew how to solve problems and I liked her positive approach to any challenges that came up.

—Dan Bridge, author of The Secret Life:  A Christian Contemplative’s Life of Meditation


Sue has done a great job for me formatting and converting several books into epubs.  She is quick to respond, and her price is very reasonable.  I highly recommend her for this type of project.

—Ann Aubitz, FuzionPrint.com


Sue did an amazing job formatting my book. She was quick, creative, and knew what I needed–often before I did. Her prices are reasonable for someone of her experience and caliber. I highly recommend Sue and plan on using her again.

—Diane Keyes, award winning author of This Sold House, Spirit of the Snowpeople, and the best-selling To Wendy’s With Love. dianekeyes.com


I heartily endorse Sue Stein’s professional expertise.  Over the last several years she has helped in the creation, editing, and proofreading of numerous, lengthy (200+ pages), extremely detailed, factual-based documents. In all her hours of editing Sue’s work was spot on! I will definitely be turning to Sue for assistance with future work as well.

—Sid Olson


Sue Stein formatted my first book, You’ll Be Nothing Without Me. She made sense of my writing, and was extremely patient when setting up my Barnes and Noble Nook Book and Amazon , Kindle and hard copy. I highly recommend her as a knowledgeable IT person, and great resource for anything related to book publishing and editing.

—Sherri Donovan Moore, author, sherridonovanmoore.com


After spending three years writing my book, to complete this project with excellence I needed a graphic artist who could lay out and design my book so it would communicate  and validate its important message. I was referred by another graphic artist to use Sue’s services and I have not been disappointed!

Sue has a high standard of excellence and attention to detail to everything that she does. As a result, my book has the same look and polish that is just as good if not better than if I had worked with a major publisher on this project.

Despite multiple revisions and fine tuning to get it “just right”, Sue was patient and hung in there, even though I felt that I might incur her wrath with just “one more” edit or revision that needed to be done. If you are looking for a book designer who will support and strengthen the message of your book or business, look no further than Sue Stein, you will NOT be disappointed!

—Keith Rischer, RN, MA, CEN, CCRN  keithrn.com


Sue was professional, thorough, and the projected was completed on time. If you’re looking to have your book done right the first time, she’s your gal!

—Ben Grams, DC, author of The Solution to Neck and Back Pain That No One Is Telling You About